25 Jul ION TP5 | New Features

The ION TP5 all-in-one terminal now comes in two main configurations, the ION TP5 with Intel Atom Z3735F processor and the ION TP5 Pro with Intel J1900 quad-core CPU. Featuring faster processing speeds, double the RAM and storage, the ION TP5 Pro is perfect for more demanding applications....

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24 Jul ION TP5 Printer and Cash Drawer Driver

Printer and cash driver for the ION TP5 and ION TP5 Pro. Includes OPOS and Windows drivers.   Before downloading the driver, please confirm the serial number found on the bottom of your terminal.   If you have an ION TP5 Pro choose version 2 below. If your serial number is less than JN1700001 choose version 1 below. If your serial number is equal to or greater than JN1700001 choose version 2 below....

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